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Unpacking & Handling old Indian cinema posters

Correct handling and care is essential for the longevity of your old Indian cinema poster. Following a few basic guidelines can ensure that your old Indian cinema posters last you a lifetime.

When you receive your old Indian cinema poster from our warehouse, it will be sealed inside an unbreakable tube. To unpack your old Indian cinema poster from its tube, follow the necessary instructions and precautions mentioned as under:


  • ✔  Remove the cap from one end of the tube to expose its contents
  • ✔  Remove the brown roll of Kraft paper from inside the tube
  • ✔ Your movie poster has been carefully rolled inside this brown roll of Kraft paper. Gently remove the tape seals on the Kraft paper by peeling them away
  • ✔  Do not use a blade, cutter or a sharp object to remove the tape seals from the Kraft paper. Doing so may permanently damage the poster concealed inside
  • ✔  Once unrolled, carefully spread the poster out on a clean surface to view
  • ✔  Do not bend, fold or tape the poster. Doing so may permanently damage the poster
  • ✔  Avoid unnecessary handling of the movie poster. Remember, the more your old Indian cinema poster comes in human contact, the greater is the risk of damage
  • ✔  Rolling and unrolling a poster multiple times can crease the old, vintage poster paper and increase the chances of cracks and tears
  • ✔  When absolutely necessary, handle your poster with clean dry hands
  • ✔  Unroll your poster slowly. Pulling or unnecessary application of force can result in permanently damaging or tearing your poster
  • ✔  Preferably, take your movie poster to your local framing store for framing and preserving at the earliest to avoid any damage.
  • ✔  If you need to insert the poster back into the tube, roll it up inside the brown Kraft paper roll exactly in the same manner that it was packed, i.e. by placing the poster at the center of the Kraft paper sheet to allow a buffer space or safety margin on both ends. The buffer space on both ends will prevent the poster borders from coming in contact with the tube. Next, apply tape or a rubber band over the center of the brown Kraft paper roll to ensure that the roll does not open up once it has been reinserted into the tube.
  • ✔  If the brown Kraft paper roll becomes unrolled while inside the tube, it will become very difficult to remove it from the tube without damaging the poster concealed within
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