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Prices for old Indian cinema posters for sale on the Bollywood Movie Posters (BMP) website are decided after taking into account several factors summarized as under:

  • Age and condition of the paper

  • Design (whether hand painted, photographic or a combination of both)

  • Art Studio that designed the poster

  • Artist that designed the poster

  • Printer that printed the poster

  • Print Type (Litho, Litho-Offset or Offset)

  • Star cast

  • Production house

  • Director of the film

  • Success of the film – both commercially as well as critically

  • History of the film

  • Estimated numbers circulated

  • Estimated numbers in existence

Certain old Indian cinema posters for sale on the BMP website have been designed by highly acclaimed Bollywood poster painters such as SM Pandit, B. Vishwanath, G. Kamble, Pandit Ramkumar Sharma, C. Mohan, Parchure, Diwakar Karkare, etc. making them highly collectible and very sought after. Further, the Art Studios that these posters have been designed by greatly influences pricing. Bollywood poster art studios such as Pamart, Studio C Mohan, Studio SM Pandit and Studio Diwakar are highly sought after for the extraordinary artwork displayed in their posters. Leading art studios of the time took up publicity design for some of the largest production houses in Bollywood. As such, the art studio that designed the poster makes a significant difference to its rarity and appeal.

Overall, old Indian cinema posters are priced mainly depending on how rare they are as well as on the condition of the vintage paper they are printed on.

On the Bollywood Movie Posters website, we offer a wide variety of old Indian cinema posters for sale ranging from rare to the rarest of the rare, to suit your budget as well as design preferences.

Prices for all old Indian cinema posters mentioned on the Bollywood Movie Posters website are subject to change depending on availability of stock, without prior notice.

At Bollywood Movie Posters, we do not entertain any email requests for discounts on purchase of single items. Further, if prices are revised, old rates will no longer be applicable. All of the old Indian cinema posters in our catalog are for sale at fixed prices only. Best Offers will not be accepted on any of the vintage posters.

In case you are looking at purchasing old Indian cinema posters in bulk for a commercial establishment such as a home theater, cafe, salon, restaurant, bar, nightclub, hotel, art gallery, museum, school, college, event, etc., please get in touch with us to avail of discounted pricing on your bulk purchase. We would love to work with you to recommend old Indian cinema posters that will make your commercial establishment or event come alive with Bollywood flavor!

For a minimum purchase amount, we also offer a combination vintage pack – i.e. a set of 50 or 100 old Indian cinema posters available at a discounted flat price. This pack is useful for commercial establishments that are primarily looking at using the poster for decor as well as for novice collectors looking to kickstart a vintage Indian cinema collection. Resellers and art stores looking to offer old Indian cinema posters for sale may also find this old Indian cinema posters pack useful to buy. We are always looking to expand our presence and work with new partners and affiliates from across the world. If you are interested in the resale of old Indian cinema posters either online or through a store, please get in touch to know more about our reseller pricing.

No matter what your budget is or your application, we will help you find the right poster to match your unique needs. On the Bollywood Movie posters store you will find all kinds of old Indian cinema posters – ranging from bright over the top kitsch to subtle muted colors. For those who like more dramatic designs, we have several “masala” Bollywood posters for sale! To suit the tastes of those who want something a lot more subtle, we also offer a huge collection of minimalist Bollywood movie posters for sale.

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