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Original Bollywood posters

If you are looking to purchase original Bollywood posters, you have come to the right place!

All items advertised for sale on the Bollywood Movie Posters (BMP) website are 100% original.

We do not sell reproductions of any kind.

As the world’s largest brand in the vintage Bollywood memorabilia space, we take great pride in selling top quality originals. All items in the Bollywood Movie Posters store are meticulously graded for authenticity as well as condition, and described in absolute detail.

Most of the vintage original Bollywood posters on our website are either Lithographic prints or Litho-offset prints. The style of printing is very distinct and can be easily distinguished from the digital printing techniques of today.

When buying original Bollywood movie posters from our shop, please study the description as well as accompanying image of the item carefully. The Product Description table on every product page clearly mentions the approximate date that the item was printed in, alongside the field marked as “Print Date.”

First print or first release original Bollywood posters are those that have been printed and circulated during the first release of the film, and as such, coincide with the film’s actual release date. Posters which were printed subsequently after the initial release of the film are called as re-release posters, and were generally redesigned for a local audience or particular geography. Re-release posters may have been circulated as little as a couple of years after the first release of the film, or as later as several decades after. The approximate date that the original Bollywood poster was printed gives an idea of how “vintage” or “old” it really is.

We follow a proven approach to determine the age of our original Bollywood posters by studying various criteria such as:

  • Age of the paper
  • Design (whether hand painted, photographic or a combination of both)
  • Art Studio that designed the poster
  • Artist that designed the poster
  • Printer that printed the poster
  • Print Type (Litho, Litho-Offset or Offset)

In summary, whether you buy a first release movie poster or a re-release movie poster, rest assured you are buying a 100% authentic, original vintage Bollywood poster!

Leading auction houses across the world such as Sotheby’s prefer to source original Bollywood posters from us, as we have established our credibility through several years of research and gaining the trust of hundreds of customers all over the world. Our list of corporate clientele includes leading cafes, restaurants, hotels, art galleries, museums, etc. across the world.

Original Bollywood movie posters can also make a great art investment. Very few Bollywood original posters have survived over the years. The ones that have are being quickly lapped up by collectors and art investors who see them as an invaluable investment that will appreciate exponentially with time. Certain original Bollywood posters marked as “Very Rare” or “Rarest” in our catalog are excellent investments for collectors, art investors and dealers. Browse through our rare collection of Bollywood posters for sale to find the perfect poster that fits your unique display needs.

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