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At Bollywood Movie Posters (BMP), we offer doorstep delivery worldwide. You can conveniently place your order from any location across the world.

To ensure safe delivery of the vintage Bollywood movie posters you purchase from us, we follow the highest standards of packaging. Each vintage Bollywood movie poster is carefully rolled and packed into a heavy duty unbreakable tube, and sealed from both ends with caps.

The use of tubes for packing vintage Bollywood movie posters ensure that the weight of the package remains at a bare minimum, while providing high safety standards during transit & negating any risk of breakage or damage. We use only high grade packing tubes which are sturdy enough to withstand any dangers of accidental bending during transit. For all full sheet old Bollywood movie posters measuring 40”x30”, the packing tube length remains fixed at around 33-34 inches. Diameter of the tube ranges between 2” to 2.5”.

As a thumb rule, vintage Bollywood movie posters are never folded against their natural folds to reduce their size and consequently shipping charges. It is our guarantee that your vintage Bollywood movie poster will have only its natural folds when delivered to you. This is ensured by rolling the old Bollywood movie poster in a manner so as to retain its natural folds and not cause any crease marks or additional/new folds.

Once the vintage Bollywood movie poster has been rolled and sealed into a tube, it is wrapped with paper wrap and marked with address labels for shipping.

Once your old Bollywood movie poster has been rolled by our packing experts, it is meticulously inserted into an unbreakable tube, leaving a margin of around 1- 1.5 inches from both sides. These end margins ensure that the edges of the old Bollywood movie poster do not come in contact with the unbreakable tube.

In summary, you can expect your old Bollywood movie poster to arrive in the same condition it left our warehouse!

The packing charge (included in the cost of shipping) is very nominal if you consider that it includes the following costs we have to incur to ensure your posters reach you in the same condition as they were dispatched from our warehouse:

  • Packing materials

    All posters are rolled into a heavy duty unbreakable PVC tube which costs money. Besides the cost of the tube itself, we also have to incur costs in other required packing materials such as paper sheets, tape, brown paper wrap, cardboard caps, etc.

  • Printing of address labels

    Each tube is marked for delivery by pasting the shipping address of the customer on the outer package, i.e. tube

  • Labor

    Packing posters into a tube is a labor intensive task. Often, the process of rolling posters and packing them securely into a tube can take up to one hour of labor.

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