Bharat Milap


Ramayana poster for sale: Bharat Milap (1942).

This is an actual surviving rare original vintage Bollywood poster of the old 1942 black and white Hind mythological film directed by Vijay Bhatt that starred Shahu Modak in the titular role as “Bharat” and Durga Khote as his mother “Kaikeyi.”

Prem Adib essayed the role of Lord Ram, while Shobhana Samarth played the role of Sita and Umakant Desai played the role of Laxman in this mythological classic.  Produced by Prakash, Bharat Milap (1942) also starred Vimala Vasishta (as Manthara), Nimbalkar (as King Dasharatha), Shantabai Kothare (as Kausalya), Pandey (as Vasishtha) and Ratna Mala (as Mandavi).

A mythological film based on the greatest and most revered Hindu epic of the Ramayana written by Maharishi Valmiki, the film told the story of Lord Rama’s union with his half brother Bharat during his fourteen year exile in the wilderness. 

Printed and circulated during the release run of the film in theaters (somewhere in the late 1950s / early 1960s), this old Bharat Milap poster was designed and printed for publicity of the film but never ended up being used.

This vintage Bharat Milap movie poster was originally hand painted on canvas by a movie poster design studio in Kolkata and features striking artwork. Shahu Modak is seen in his character of “Bharat,” worshiping the sandals of his half-brother Lord Ram in a brilliant hand drawn illustration prominently in this Ramayana poster.  

Silhouettes of Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman played by Prem Adib, Shobhana Samarth and Umakant Desai respectively, are seen on the top of this mythology movie poster. The three are seen making their arduous journey into the wilderness as part of their fourteen year exile.

Alternating shades of yellow and red have been used in this old mythological poster. Typography in this old Bharat Milap movie poster is entirely in English, with the title appearing in a solid red font encased in black at the top, contrasting against the white and yellow background.

The soundtrack album of Bharat Milap (1942) was composed by Shankar Rao Vyas. The film was remade in 1965 as Bharat Milap starring Sohrab Modi & Sulochana and again in the same year as Shri Ram Bharat Milap starring Prithviraj Kapoor, Mahipal, Anita Guha, Nirupa Roy, Raj Kumar and Sulochana.

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FilmBharat Milap (Sometimes also spelled as “Bharat Milaap.” English translation: “Union of Bharat (with Lord Ram)”)
CastDurga Khote, Shahu Modak, Prem Adib, Umakant Desai, Shobhana Samarth, Vimala Vasishta, Nimbalkar, Shantabai Kothare, Pandey & Ratna Mala
Print DateLate 1950’s / Early 1960s
SizeApproximately 40″ x 30″ inches (One sheet or standard movie poster size)
Condition★★★★ Near Mint
ArtworkHand painted / Hand drawn
FrameNot included
PackingRolled into unbreakable tube