Nasbandi poster for sale.

This is an actual surviving rare original vintage Bollywood poster of the 1978 Hindi film which was written, produced and directed by I.S. Johar, who also starred in Nasbandi.

The film was a political satire based on the forced sterilization program imposed in India under the orders of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi during the 1975 period of emergency.

Rajendra Nath, Ambika Johar, Anil Johar, Anwar Hussain, Leela Mishra, Jeevan and Tuntun played supporting roles in the film.

Lookalikes of popular stars of the time added to the humor element of the film. These included Anitav Bacchan (as Amitabh Bachchan), Kannauj Kumar (as Manoj Kumar), Shahi Kapoor (as Shashi Kapoor), Rakesh Khanna (as Rajesh Khanna), Shivanand (as Dev Anand) and Shatru Bin Sinha (as Shatrughan Sinha).

The film was banned during its release as it used dark humor to oppose ruling Prime Minister’s Indira Gandhi’s imposition of Emergency and a forced sterilization program in the nation. The ban was lifted and the film was subsequently released after Morarji Desai defeated Indira Gandhi in the 1977 general elections and was sworn in as the fourth Prime Minister of India. 

Over the years, Nasbandi has achieved cult popularity among political satire lovers, making this old Bollywood poster Delhi print, highly collectible!

Printed and circulated during the screening of the film in theaters (early 1980s), this old Nasbandi poster was designed and printed for publicity of the film but never ended up being used.

This vintage Bollywood poster features a quirky hand drawn design and was originally handmade on canvas by an art studio in Delhi. Actors I.S. Johar and Rajendra Nath are seen in a hilarious still from the film in this Nasbandi poster. They are seen dressed in suits and hats, covering their private parts with both hands, while two nurses holding surgical scissors appear to be forcing them into a vasectomy.

I.S. Johar and Rajendra Nath are seen again on the top of this Nasbandi poster, hilariously dressed in drag. The poster features a mix of blue and green in the background. The title of the film appears in English on the top in red as well as in Devanagari Hindi at the bottom in yellow.

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FilmNasbandi (Sometimes also spelled as “Nasbundi” or “Nasbandhi.” English translation: “Vasectomy”)
CastI.S. Johar, Rajendra Nath, Ambika Johar, Anil Johar, Anitav Bacchan, Kannauj Kumar, Shahi Kapoor, Rakesh Khanna, Shivanand, Shatru Bin Sinha, Anwar Hussain, Leela Mishra, Jeevan & Tuntun
Print DateEarly 1980’s
Size40.25″ x 29.75″ inches (One sheet or standard movie poster size)
Condition★★★ Average
ArtworkHand painted / Hand drawn
PrinterJP Printers N. Delhi
FrameNot included
PackingRolled into unbreakable tube