Old Bollywood pressbook of one of the greatest films in Indian cinema, Sholay (1975) for sale.

This is an actual surviving rare Bollywood old pressbook of the 1975 Hindi film that is considered the greatest film ever made in Indian cinema.

Printed and circulated during the original first release of Sholay in 1975, this rare Bollywood old pressbook was printed and distributed to cinema audiences that thronged to movie halls to see the film.

Sholay is the highest grossing film of all time in Indian cinema and unanimously regarded as the greatest film ever made in Bollywood, making this rare Bollywood old pressbook highly collectible!

Old Bollywood pressbooks are sometimes also referred to as Bollywood song booklets, story booklets or synopsis booklets. They contain the lyrics of songs from the film in Hindi as well as in Urdu, and were designed to give theater audiences the chance to sing along while watching their favorite songs on screen.

Rare Bollywood old pressbooks, such as the one featured here for sale provide a summary of the plot of the movie as well as full credits on the last page.

Old Bollywood pressbooks also make great small wall hangings when framed and displayed on a wall, as they feature interesting artwork of the film on the cover.

Sholay, declared the “Film of the Millennium” by BBC India in 1999, is an unforgettable classic that has become almost synonymous with ‘masala’ in Indian cinema. Its characters such as Jai, Veeru, Basanti, Thakur & Gabbar Singh have been etched into history. The film has an unbeaten record for running for over five consecutive years after being released. Sholay enjoys a cult following in India and its dialogues are often quoted in various media.

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Film Sholay
Release 1975
Cast Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar, Amjad Khan, Hema Malini & Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan
Print Date Mid 1970s
Size 10″x7″ inches
Condition As Is
Rarity Very Rare
Artwork Hand painted / Hand drawn
Artist C Mohan
Art Studio Studio C Mohan
Printer Filmage Bombay
Material Paper
Frame Not included
Packing Medium sized mailing envelope



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