Alibaba Aur 40 Chor


Illustration movie poster for sale: Alibaba Aur 40 Chor (1966).

This is an actual surviving rare vintage original Bollywood poster of the 1966 Hindi film produced and directed by Homi Wadia.

Alibaba Aur 40 Chor starred Sanjeev Kumar in the lead role. L. Vijaylakshmi, Kamal Mehra, B.M. Vyas, S.N. Tripathi, Veena, Tabassum, Indira, Tun Tun and David played supporting roles in the film.

The action adventure drama was based on Ali Baba’s legendary story from One Thousand and One Nights.

Printed and circulated during the theatrical release of the film (somewhere in the late 1960s), this illustration movie poster was printed for publicity of the film but never ended up being used.

This Alibaba Aur 40 Chor poster was originally designed in hand painted oil on canvas format by movie poster design studio AAA. Actor Sanjeev Kumar and actress L. Vijaylakshmi are seen in a stunning illustration portrait prominently in this old Bollywood poster. The artwork seems as if painted in watercolors, with sublime beauty. A somewhat abstract rendition of camels and bandits is seen in the background of this beautiful illustration movie poster, giving away the adventure theme of the movie.

Lettering used in this poster is entirely in English, with a translation of the title appearing in both Devanagari Hindi script as well as in Urdu at the top.

Alibaba Aur 40 Chor’s soundtrack album was composed by Usha Khanna, while songs were sung by Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi and Usha Mangeshkar.

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Film Alibaba Aur 40 Chor (Alibaba And 40 Thieves. Sometimes also spelled as Alibaba Aur Chaalis Chor)
Release 1966
Cast Sanjeev Kumar, L. Vijaylakshmi, Kamal Mehra, B.M. Vyas, S.N. Tripathi, Veena, Tabassum, Indira, Tun Tun & David
Print Date Late 1960s
Size 29.25” x 19.5” inches (Half sheet)
Condition ★★★★ Near Mint
Rarity Very Rare
Folds Zero
Artwork Hand painted / Hand drawn
Art Studio AAA
Material Paper pasted on mount board
Frame Not included
Packing Flat packed in corrugated cardboard box


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