Cassette poster for sale: Bahaar (1988).

This is an actual surviving original vintage Bollywood poster of the old 1988 romantic Hindi film edited and directed by Suraj Prakash that starred Raj Kiran and Komal Mahuvakar (Rupini) in key roles.

Produced by Narendra Kumar, Bahaar (1988) also starred Kavita Thakur, Raza Murad, Shail Chaturvedi, Huma Khan, Ashalata, Deep Dhillon and Dinesh Kaushik in supporting roles.

Printed and circulated during the first release of the film in theaters (somewhere in 1988), this old audio cassette poster was originally designed for publicity of the film’s soundtrack album but never ended up being used.

This old Bahaar poster was originally designed using photographic collage technique. Actress Komal Mahuvakar (Rupini) is seen twirling around in a still photo taken from a song on the top. Actor Raj Kiran is seen dancing with actress Kavita Thakur on the bottom left. He is seen again in another still photo taken from a song with actress Huma Khan on the bottom right of this audio cassette poster.

Typography used in this poster is entirely in English, with the title appearing in a diagonal font in blue across the center of the poster. The T Series logo along with two messages appear at the bottom of this audio cassette poster: “Buy Original T Series Cassettes Only. Beware of Duplicate Cassettes” and “Available At All Leading Music Shops.”

The soundtrack album of Bahaar (1988) was composed by Manoj Gyan.

Raj Kiran Mahtani, who appeared in more than 100 films in his career, remains untraceable till date. Declared missing in the US, New York police and private detectives have been looking for him since several years.

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Film Bahaar (Sometimes also spelled as “Bahar.” English translation: Spring)
Release 1988
Cast Raj Kiran, Komal Mahuvakar (Rupini), Kavita Thakur, Raza Murad, Shail Chaturvedi, Huma Khan, Ashalata, Deep Dhillon & Dinesh Kaushik
Print Date 1988
Size Approximately 17.5”x11” inches
Condition As Is
Rarity Rare
Folds Zero
Artwork Photographic
Material Paper
Frame Not included
Packing Flat packed in mailing envelope


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