Rare movie posters for sale: Gypsy (1957).

Featured here is a vintage original Bollywood movie poster of the Hindi drama, Gypsy (1957).

Written and directed by Sultan, the film starred Kamran and Naazi in lead roles. Sheela, Sheikh & Sham played supporting roles in Gypsy. Produced by Dindayal Vyas and Pravin Maniar, the film was released under the Premchand Shah, Fancy Films production banner.

Printed and circulated during the debut release of the film in theaters (somewhere in the late 1950s), this rare movie poster was made for publicity of the film but never ended up being used.

This rare vintage Bollywood poster was originally designed in hand painted oil on canvas format by a poster design studio in Bombay called Cine Studio.

Actor Kamran and actress Naazi are seen in a passionate embrace prominently in this beautifully illustrated rare Bollywood poster. She is seen in her avatar of a gypsy girl again at the bottom in a stunning hand painted close up portrait. Gypsies riding on camels are seen in the background of this rare movie poster.

The typography used in this poster is completely in English, with a translation of the title appearing in both Devanagari Hindi as well as Urdu. The English title of the film appears in a catchy red font at the bottom.

The 1957 classic was based on the story of a wandering gypsy girl who comes to Bombay and becomes a sensational star. Subsequently, her life takes a turn when she gets mixed up with gangsters and caught in a love triangle.

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Film Gypsy
Release 1957
Cast Kamran, Nazi, Sheela, Sheikh & Sham
Print Date Late 1950s
Size 30″ x 20″ inches (Half sheet)
Condition As Is
Rarity Very Rare
Folds Four
Artwork Hand painted / Hand drawn
Artist Kandalkar
Art Studio Cine Studio
Printer Cine Studio 96 Main Rd. Dadar Bombay
Material Paper
Frame Not included
Packing Rolled into unbreakable tube


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