Dev Anand film poster for sale.

Featured here is an actual surviving original Bollywood poster of the old 1957 black and white Hindi film directed by Shankar Mukherjee that starred Dev Anand and Nutan in lead roles.

Based on a story written by the late Gyan Mukherjee, Baarish (1957) was a crime drama that had a plot similar to the Marlon Brando movie, On the Waterfront (1954).

Printed and circulated during the first release of the film in theaters (somewhere in 1957), this Dev Anand film poster was originally designed for publicity of the film but never ended up being used.

This vintage Baarish poster was originally designed in hand painted oil on canvas format by one of the finest Bollywood poster artists of all time, V.G. Parchure of Pamart design studio. Parchure’s signature style and mastery over the paintbrush can be seen in this superbly hand painted Bollywood poster, making this Dev Anand film poster, highly collectible.

The “Evergreen star of Bollywood” Dev Anand appeared in over 100 films in his lifetime and is considered as one of the most influential actors in Indian cinema.

He is seen captured in a brilliant hand painted rendition in this vintage Bollywood poster. Smoking his favorite “Firebrand” cigarette, Dev Anand appears in a large close up that dominates this Baarish poster. Bollywood poster painter V.G. Parchure uses a fiery mix of orange, red and yellow hues to depict the portrait, capturing the strong emotional content of Dev Anand’s character.

This vintage Bollywood poster is an excellent example of one of the early uses of product placement in Indian cinema. Text on the bottom left of this Baarish poster reads: “HE played with fire …… and loved firebrand!!” The ingenious marketing plug makes the poster double up as a vintage cigarette ad for “Firebrand.”

The background on the top shows a dark rainy night. The title of the film uses an interesting typeset comprising fine brush strokes to give it a “rainy” look to reflect the name of the film.

Artist V.G. Parchure’s original signature appears on the bottom right of this old Dev Anand film poster, signed as “Pamart” – i.e. the name of his art studio.

The typography used in this poster is completely in English with only the title translated into both Devanagari Hindi as well as Urdu at the bottom.

The soundtrack album of Baarish (1957) was composed by C. Ramchandra, while lyrics were written by Rajendra Krishna. It featured the timeless song, “Dane Dane Pe Likha Hai Khane Wale Ka Naam” sung by C. Ramchandra himself.

“Phir Wahi Chand, Wahi Hum, Wahi Tanhai Hai” sung by C. Ramchandra & Lata Mangeshkar, “Surat Ho To Aisi Ho” sung by C. Ramchandra, Talat Mahmood, Mohammed Rafi & Francis Vaz and “Hum To Jaani Pyar Karega, Nahin Darega, Nahin Darega” sung by C. Ramchandra & Asha Bhosle became very popular during the film’s release.

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Film Baarish (Sometimes also spelled as “Barish.” English translation: Rain)
Release 1957
Cast Dev Anand, Nutan, Mehmood, Helen, Lalita Pawar, Jagdish Sethi, Gope, Kumkum, Nana Palsikar, Madan Puri & Anwar Hussain
Print Date 1957
Size Approximately 30″ x 20″ inches (Half sheet)
Condition ★★★★ Near Mint
Rarity Very Rare
Folds Two
Artwork Hand painted / Hand drawn
Artist V.G. Parchure
Art Studio Pamart
Printer Oriental Offset & Litho Works Bombay
Material Paper
Frame Not included
Packing Rolled into unbreakable tube


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